The other day Dillon and I kicked the Sunday Scaries to the curb and decided to rent a tandem kayak for an afternoon.  Together, we have only kayaked once before.  Yet, we are both dying to put one on our registry.  Our thoughts are if we get one, we would be more inclined to use one…right? Well though we spent most of the trip just drifting and chatting, it was still so nice, and I would still take one in a heartbeat.

The weather was right, and the price to rent the kayak was even better.  It costed us about $16 to rent for around 2.5 hours through an outfitter that is right by our apartment.  We spotted a couple that had packed a cooler with beverages and snacks.  They were doing it right!  Gave us plenty ideas for the next time we head out.

I am hoping that even once school starts for me, we still find time for little adventures.  Hiking or camping, more farmers’ markets, taking pictures, and making videos.  It is so much easier start the work week with a clear head and a full heart.  We have some weekends already closing up fast for wedding events, which we cannot wait for!  But, it will be nice to just explore and have absolutely no plans once in a while.



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