The Art of Nothing


Fortunate enough for us, D and I were able to take a few days after our wedding to relax in sunny Arizona.  Although, while we were there, it was chilly AZ.  Cloudy skies and upper 50’s…but, we were happy with it.

It is crazy how literally over night your months of planning are complete.  You wake up finished with the to-do lists, done with the logistics, and better yet…you wake up married.  I had never felt more myself than I did the first morning I woke up married.  Each day since, I’ve gone to bed and woken up happier. I think what helped us settle into our new life was our little honeymoon to Arizona.

We knew going into this trip that our goal was to actually relax.  This is so hard for us to do.  We are active doers.  We always cram as much as we can in a day.  Our mini-moon was meant to be relaxing, but it was totally a learning experience.  It was actually harder for us to relax and master the art of nothing.

We planned a massage, enjoyed the hotel’s food and drinks, and spent the days as our hearts desired.  Sleepy mornings, coffee and walks, picture taking, and exploring.  We would roam idly talking about life goals and dreams.  It isn’t often that you get days worth of time to talk about what big dreams are moving your hearts.  We’ve got some ideas, friends!

The art of nothing is something that this trip taught me to take in.  It was in those moments and days of nothing that I learned about ambitions that I didn’t even know existed.  I think it was the universe’s way of telling me that this may be a resolution for myself.  Take time for nothing, maybe even silence.  The benefits are incredible.



  1. You have expressed some wise thoughts here. I am glad you were able to relax. After 48 years in a marriage that seemed always on the go, I look back at the number of places where I wished we could have spent more time — but then, there wouldn’t have been so many places to look back to — and we always seem to talk best when we are alone together, in the car, on the road.

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