5 Documentaries to Watch Right Now

I am a sucker for rom-coms, but Dill really got me hooked on documentaries. I’ve seen all of these listed, and some more than once. All but one are currently on Netflix, which is even better. So, pop your popcorn and get watchin’.

  1. Tony Robbins- I’m Not Your Guru- I’d heard about him before, and felt I needed to watch this to educate myself. I was totally hooked. He is a life coach with a larger, literally, than life personality. This film centers on his annual event in which he speaks to hundreds of people who spent thousands to be there. Essentially, the purpose is to set goals, make breakthroughs, and more fiercely own your destiny. Don’t think I’ll be attending one of his events just yet, but really loved learning about it. (On Netflix!)
  2. Gaga: Five Foot Two- Come on, who wouldn’t want to watch this one?! I love musician documentaries, because I feel like I am getting much needed insight. Instead of seeing them on the cover of tabloids, this gives us a chance to better understand them as people. Throughout the film, you get to know Gaga’s journey while writing Joanne, and it’s so so good. (On Netflix!)
  3. The Summit- Before watching this, I had no knowledge on the K2 disaster of 2008- one of the worst climbing tragedies. It was gut-wrenching hearing the stories of the eleven mountaineers who lost their lives and inspiring for how their stories live on. It’s powerful, and raw and reminds you to respect the heck out of nature.
  4. Finding Vivian Maier- D got me into this one. It talks about the discovery of Vivian Maier’s stunning street photography, while trying to unravel the mystery of just who the woman behind the camera really was. Bonus: Her work is exhibited currently in St. Louis, and I am seriously considering a weekend trip.  (On Netflix!)
  5. 180° South- Total adventure doc here. Dill and I lived vicariously through these surfer/hiker/road tripping sailors. They set out to Patagonia on a journey that’s so rooted in nature and the wonders of this world. Watch this one! (On Netflix!)

If you happen to watch any of these, let me know. Would love to hear other people’s takes on them.




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