Weekend Recap 44

Oh this weekend brought us joy. We spent time with friends and enjoyed the beautiful weather. But for a number of different reasons, I am needing some family time. So we’ll probably be heading back in the coming few days, for now though, here’s a look at our weekend:

  1. Into the Water– My current read, and I am loving it. I needed a dramatic thriller and my best friend/ future librarian put some titles on hold for me. Paula Hawkins’ Into the Water is first up. (She wrote The Girl on the Train, so I know she’s good!) This book has a bunch of characters and moves pretty quick, but already I am trying to crack the case. From what I’ve heard though, I’m still going to be left pretty shocked.
  2. Rooftops & patios- I went from brushing tons of snow off the car to almost sunburnt in such a short amount of time. But finally, we enjoyed so much of our weekend outside and it was the best feeling.
  3. Engagement pictures- I really love the pace of portrait sessions like engagement photos. We took some this weekend, and it was refreshing to take our time and play with different locations. Excited for these to be posted!
  4. Farmers’ Market- One of our photo spots was the farmers’ market. And I’m thrilled it’s back (will likely be a weekend recap staple for the rest of the season). I couldn’t welcome its return without grabbing some flowers, naturally.
  5. Margins for Success- Been thinking a lot about creating margins for myself to find success in many aspects. Check it out if you’re multi-passionate like me.
  6. Film photography- Speaking of multiple passions, one of Dill’s is film photography. He’s gotten more into it in the last couple years. I am thinking of putting together collections of some of his work and sharing here, so stay tuned. But for now, here’s his film Insta.

Cheers to a beautiful week, friends.


Dillon & Kelly

Life adventures and daily musings of a pair of high school sweethearts! We love documenting, photographing, and filming our travels and memories. Thanks for joining us on our journey!

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