Weekend Recap 46 & 47

Goodness, these last few weeks have been crazy. Between work trips, end of year busyness, and treks back to Chicago, it’s been quite the whirlwind. Here are some things that have kept us afloat amidst it all:

  1. The Living Person- This makes my heart happy. Jurell from The Living Person reached out to me to put together some photos. for their social platforms, and I couldn’t have been more excited. As their IG bio reads, “The Best Version of Yourself Brand for Catholics”. They have incredible clothing that embodies their beautiful mission of coming alive in your faith. They are launching a new site this summer, so stay tuned! It’s refreshing to see a bold, modern take on Catholicism today, and I am all about it.
  2. Self Care- Now more than ever seems like I need to pay attention to the notion of self care. I wrote about this just before things  started to get hectic, God works that way doesn’t he? So I am reminding myself here to make self care a priority.
  3. The Carpenters- I’ve been jamming to The Carpenters for the past few weeks. Her voice is like velvet.
  4. Mango Street– These have been our favorite creative videos to watch. Mango Street has some of the best photography tutorial videos out there, and they are darn entertaining to watch. Check ’em out.
  5. Royal Wedding- You bet I was up bright and early streaming this live. Why are the royals so fascinating? Her dress, to die for. The ceremony, gorgeous. I can’t get enough of the grandeur of the whole thing. I may or may not have shed a tear or two.

Cheers to the week, friends.




Dillon & Kelly

Life adventures and daily musings of a pair of high school sweethearts! We love documenting, photographing, and filming our travels and memories. Thanks for joining us on our journey!

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