All Shall Be Well

Sometimes God gives these little winks. These little nods that let us know we’re heard. During a particularly tough time in the spring for me, Katrina from Rose Harrington happened to reach out to me. Her work is beautiful and was inspired originally from traditional Mary Gardens. It’s evolved to handcrafted works, prints and other items that reflect so much beauty and love.

Katrina sent me this incredible piece of text from St. Julian of Norwich. It’s simple yet powerful. I couldn’t even wait to get it framed and hung before posting about it. That’s how much I love it.

IMG_0564IMG_0565I’d first heard about St. Julian when I was finishing college. She is known to be one of the first women to write a book in English (go girl). Revelations of Divine Love is based on a series of visions she had when she was dangerously sick. Ultimately, the message was that by God and through God there can only be love. And with that, all shall be well.

And if there’s anything my anxious heart needs, it’s reassurance. Katrina’s work is a wonderful daily reminder of that sustaining love, and I am so grateful.



Dillon & Kelly

Life adventures and daily musings of a pair of high school sweethearts! We love documenting, photographing, and filming our travels and memories. Thanks for joining us on our journey!

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