Snow Days and Sourdough

We’ve been hunkered down even more (if that’s even possible in the time of Covid) during these past few weeks as winter finally made a real appearance. After of handful of heavy snowfalls, we really feel like we’re in the thick of it. Dillon and I lean into our winter favorites- homemade soups, fresh sourdough, and weekend cocktails.

And as if winter doesn’t make you move a little slower in general, adding a sweet babe to the mix slows us down in the best ways. Our to do lists are shorter and family time is always the priority. Morning tasks can wait when we have our cutie to snuggle up with.

Besides the general slowness of life lately, we’ve been trying to be intentional and “make room”, if you will, for the things that move our hearts. I’ve started to purge every square corner of our house, and it feels so good. We want to fill our life more experiences and less things. So bring on the minimal-ish living.

We’re working our way through Half Baked Harvest cookbook. During the week we have our healthier staple meals that are tried and true, but the weekends are reserved for experimenting. We absolutely loved the beef bourguignon and just had to watch Julie and Julia after whipping it up.

Our Nora bean is the sweetest little snow bear and has been a champ with all of our outdoor fun. Dillon made the best sledding hill in our backyard and Nora enjoyed a few runs, and so did our sweet neighbor kiddos.

I love winter with my whole heart. The quiet slowness. The time at home. And the beautiful snow falls. But I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t excited for spring, especially this year.

All we want to do is safely gather outside with the people we love. So I’ll be itching for spring, but trying my very best to milk this winter for all she’s worth – snow falls, snuggles, sourdough and all.