Simple Spookiness & Wholesome Weekends

Ahh, Halloween has made its way to our little house. Little signs of spookiness here and there. Nothing too grand, but a simple nod to the season is what I’m all about.

We stopped at a teeny tiny local farm one afternoon for a pumpkin to carve. The weather felt like summer but we were determined to bring on the fall in the house. Popped on Ghostbusters and carved up the sweetest little jack -o-lantern.

These holiday traditions and activities are only becoming more special as Nora gets older and more and more engaged. Making her laugh and seeing her smile is the best part of the holidays and we’re so grateful for the joy she brings.

Our October weekends have already been pretty busy in the best way- full of heartwarming moments with the people we love. We made a quick trip to Milwaukee to visit with my four best friends and celebrate a 30th birthday. There was no shortage of fall fun and full belly laughs.

We’re looking forward to some fall hiking and all the Halloween fun that’s on the way for the rest of the month! What a beauty October is.