Little Hands & Lingering Autumn

Sweet November has rolled around, very quickly I might add. October was a busy one for us, but definitely in the best way. So much time spent with family and friends

After Halloween, I love to lean into that wholesome autumn warmth. We keep the pumpkins out, dream up some apple pie designs, and prepare for some hearty meals with the our loved ones. We’re in no way ready to say farewell to this season and are patiently waiting for all the Christmas festivities after Thanksgiving. (Aside from some extra early shopping this year.)

The trees have changed so beautifully, and are keeping us busy with lots and lots of raking. We love our mature trees, but goodness they’re a bit of work come fall! We’re grateful though to be so close to so many areas with trees. Even shooting fall mini photo sessions not too far from our home.

But with the changing leaves comes colder days spent inside. This year we don’t have a tiny sleepy baby, but instead a very busy toddler. Who wants to help with everything like folding laundry, cleaning up, cooking, and whatever else Dill and I are up to. And while sometimes it’s a lot to handle all the sensory exploration / destruction in her wake, getting to see Nora’s sweet personality shine more and more is the best. So, we love have her little helping hands around us.

This time of the year has always been so wonderful, and we’re so looking forward to all the fun we’ll get to have with our growing girl.