Birthday Blooms & Baby Steps

Well, we officially have a walker on our hands! I feel like in just a handful of days our lives changed drastically. Nora is on the move and into everything about ten times faster than she ever was. So, the day to day is exciting, but a little bit exhausting. By the end of the day, we’re all ready for some good sleep.

Dill’s birthday was over the weekend and we had a big few days of hosting our friends and families in our home. It feels so good to have little gatherings especially with the holidays coming up. Hopefully, we can get a few more nights of hosting in because we’re really love it.

I think we’re most inspired to host lately because every Friday night, Dillon and I always put on “The Lost Kitchen.” It’s a simple show about restaurant owner and chef, Erin French. She has the dreamiest farm to table spot in Maine and puts together absolutely stunning dinner services. We always end the episode thinking about what meal we’d like to try out for family, and how we can put together a lovely little dinner service of our own. I’d be lying if I said we didn’t already have some big ideas for spring and summer dinners outside…D is even working on a great big table for the backyard.

But, before I let myself get too whisked away in summer dreams, I want to soak in the autumn that we still have for a bit more.

On the grocery list this week are apple pie fixings. I’m diffusing a bit more cinnamon these days. And I’m chasing a sweet toddler who’s donning some adorable little Chelsea boots. Those are the sweet notes of fall all around us. So very grateful.