Photo Books & Fresh Looks

2022 has felt so refreshing and intentionally slow these past couple of weeks. We’re casually tackling items on our to do lists like freshening up our bedroom and getting our photo books printed.

I used the Chatbooks app to organize 8×8 hard cover books and print from my phone (not at all sponsored, just so happy I wanted to pass along a good find). I made my own simple image for the covers, ordered, and they arrived in a couple of weeks! (Download 2020 cover & 2021 cover here)

So happy to have these sweet family “yearbooks” out now, especially for Nora bug. Who still loves flipping through books, but now loves pointing to friends and family and calling out names.

And, when she’s not rifling through a pile of books she’s likely getting into something else! She’s so curious and creative. Pretending to cook with kitchen bowls, toting her babies all around the house, and picking out shoes and hats to wear. This stage is so exhausting but so very fun!