Daily Flows & Weekends on the Go

The long days of winter lend themselves to a sense of habit and flow. We settle into our comfortable routines that bring a bit of joy to the otherwise hum drum days of bitter cold and brutal snow.

Morning coffees. Weekend sourdough. Movies. Daily chores. And rest, lots and lots of rest.

It’s those little things that make winter really special. Leaning into the quiet and the slow to find that life sometimes needn’t be much more than the simple day to day to be fulfilling. Nora and I find ourselves so happy each morning to listen to music and get ready for the day. We busy ourselves with tasks around the house, always making time for some dancing. Make meals, read books. And then we wait eagerly for when dada hops off work.

I know my patience for these winter days will wane. It’s inevitable. But for now, I’m capturing the beauty that’s existing right here and now.

So to keep that winter spirit alive and well, we jump at the opportunity to plan little adventures during this season. Madison was calling our name, and we spent a lovely few days eating at our favorite restaurants and catching up with dear friends.