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We’re just a few weeks out from bringing home our tiniest little addition to our family. We’re settling into some habits at the house finally, while still checking things off here and there. We are kept very busy these days between Nora and the house, but all it well. I finally had some time to […]

We’re really rocking the one nap schedule and routine these days. First half of the day we do errands, clean the house, and take care of other chores. Then nap time and just a bit of rest for me. In the afternoons, we try to fill with activities – swimming, visits with family, new games […]

Well, we decided to go a little out of our comfort zone and paint our kitchen floors a bold checkered pattern. In the next year or two, we’d love to completely gut our kitchen, install or refinish the hardwood floors (fingers crossed we’ve got em under the tile!), and just generally update the entire layout […]

Goodness, it’s been a minute or two since I allowed myself some time to sit down and catch up on the chaos of our lives recently (beautiful blessed chaos, but chaos nonetheless). The long and short of the last few months: balancing family time with a sudden move. A house on one of our dream […]

Days at home with a very busy toddler can sometimes be overwhelming. The lingering winter makes outdoor adventures few and far between. We’re patiently waiting for spring to really be here, so in the meantime we’ve resorted to sensory bins with cheerios and clothespin playing. Thankfully, Nora is happy to be doing just about anything! […]

We’re feeling that springtime excitement and anticipation. Nice days are more and more frequent. Spring cleaning’s in full swing. House projects are being checked off. Plants are growing….and so is our family! It feels like since we’ve found out about our newest bundle, Nora just seems so much older. She is talking all the time […]

We’re so excited to share that another little love is joining our family this August! I can’t even begin to believe that in a few months we’ll be a family of four, but here we are! A happy and healthy peanut is bouncing away in my belly. After the years and years of struggle we […]

The long days of winter lend themselves to a sense of habit and flow. We settle into our comfortable routines that bring a bit of joy to the otherwise hum drum days of bitter cold and brutal snow. Morning coffees. Weekend sourdough. Movies. Daily chores. And rest, lots and lots of rest. It’s those little […]

2022 has felt so refreshing and intentionally slow these past couple of weeks. We’re casually tackling items on our to do lists like freshening up our bedroom and getting our photo books printed. I used the Chatbooks app to organize 8×8 hard cover books and print from my phone (not at all sponsored, just so […]

Sweet December, always a month full of fun; Christmas, our anniversary, and right into New Years Eve. We baked the cookies and wrapped plenty of presents, but the purest joy was sweet Nora’s face on Christmas morning. Nothing better than that. After some quiet Christmas celebrating at home, we packed it all up for a […]