We celebrated Nora’s baptism over the weekend with our families. It was intimate and beautiful – a lovely celebration welcoming her into the Church! We had the sweetest little get together after at our house, and it made me so very excited to start thinking about her first birthday! I can’t even believe it’s just […]

I dusted off the sewing machine for the first time in a long while to make Nora a little bow. I’m hopeful that it’s the start of continued projects in all their handmade glory. We’ll start with bows and slowly make our way up from there! We’ve been spending a good amount of time at […]

The Fourth of July tends to mark an unofficial halfway point in the summer. Reality sets in and we realize we only have a handful more weeks and weekends left of the sunshine and warmth. For some, I think it’s a reminder to slow down, and for others, it’s the mad dash to kick things […]

Now more than ever, I’m learning to appreciate boundaries in creative work. We only have twenty-four hours in a day, and if I wasn’t intentional, all twenty four of those could be easily filled with projects. In all honestly, it’s a good problem to have. It’s the best kind of busy, but can easily be […]

I’m back on a podcast kick (I seem to go in and out of seasons with listening). But a recent episode I’d listened to had me thinking a lot about adventures as a family. It’s a notion I’m sure I considered before having Nora but now that we are in the thick of parenting a […]

My sweet tooth is dangerous. Truly. I absolutely must end each day with something chocolate. This week, it’s homemade chocolate cupcakes with buttercream frosting. Yum. My nightly dessert is just one of the many rhythms of our day to day, but undoubtedly one of my favorites. Along with my evening treat the last week or […]

I’ve yet again been suckered into another H&M purchase (go ahead, ask me how Nora’s minimal capsule wardrobe is coming…. ) In my defense, I really haven’t purchased any new clothes at all for myself. So while I’m certainly leaning into minimalism, Nora on the other hand is enjoying a few late night impulse buys. […]

Lately, Mondays have been wildly productive for me. It’s not that they weren’t before, but with Nora we like to spend as much free time as we can with family and having fun. And for us, that naturally occurs towards the end of the week and weekend. So as I anticipate the fun to be […]

For the first weekend in what’s felt like a long while, we didn’t have much of any plans or major projects on our docket. We cozied up extra long in bed in the mornings and enjoyed the quiet. Took a long walk around our neighborhood day dreaming about what flowers we’d like to plant this […]

We got a delicious little taste of spring last week. Windows were opened and many walks were taken. But in true midwest fashion, it’s slated to cool off again. We’ll take what we can get and be grateful at least we aren’t shoveling any snow these days. With warm weather on the horizon, we’ve been […]