Sweet November has rolled around, very quickly I might add. October was a busy one for us, but definitely in the best way. So much time spent with family and friends After Halloween, I love to lean into that wholesome autumn warmth. We keep the pumpkins out, dream up some apple pie designs, and prepare […]

Before I really let myself get into Halloween decorating, I like to first try to just add some touches of fall. Sweet little pumpkins around the house do the trick. Nora helped me pick out a few out at the store, they’re just the perfect little size for her hands! So, we placed them throughout […]

So very happy with Nora’s fall/winter capsule for the year. Pictured above are most of the items, not including one other peplum onesie, a few pajamas, tights, socks, and her shoes. Now that we’re nearing toddlerhood, we were in desperate need of some new clothes for the colder weather. But I have to be really […]

We closed out our summer with a weekend trip up to Door County. It’s long since been a favorite location for us, and bringing Nora along made it even better. Beach trips, breweries, and bopping around the little shops in town were how we spent most of our days. Can’t wait to head back!

Nora has really found her reflection these days. I often find her stealing glances and giggles, sharing toys, waving, and giving kisses to that other little “baby” in the mirror. It’s one of the sweetest things I’ve ever seen. Days with her have gotten increasingly more adorable and more exciting. She’s cruising on furniture, opening […]