February has rolled right around in the blink of an eye.  Now, college is completely done for both Dillon and I (I took just a bit longer than expected!), unless of course one of us is crazy enough to jump right into grad school…stay tuned.  D has been working hard at his new job for […]

I cannot tell you how excited and thrilled we are to be engaged.  We are knee deep in planning, but I have still not come down to earth yet since the day Dill proposed. I truly feel like I am on top of the world.  I am sure Beyoncé feels that way once in a while, […]

Though I walked the stage in May of 2015, I actually didn’t complete my student teaching until January of 2016.  Crazy, I know! It feels appropriate to finally post these pictures since, officially, I am graduated from Marquette University.  I am so grateful to have had the opportunities I did while at MU.  I learned […]

You heard that right, Kell and I are engaged! What some may have thought was a moment way overdue, finally happened. It was all part of a reverse surprise plan successfully pulled off with the help of our friends. The engagement planning started not too long ago when I decided in early October that I […]

Well it’s been quite some time since we last wrote and we have much to catch up on. Work has taken off at lightning speed and boy has it been a wild ride. After finishing up a training phase that consisted of classroom time, projects, and on site visits, I have officially been staffed to […]

D had the privilege of photographing his Aunt Maria’s 50th birthday celebration a couple weeks ago, and I was one lucky date.  A black and white themed  party with red carpet runners, velvet ropes, and lots and lots of champagne.  All of the guests donned their black and white attire and posed in front of the […]

Absence makes the hard grow fonder right? We’ve mastered the art of long distance, and have come to appreciate what it has done for us. Days like today, Valentines Day, are tough, but luckily for us we’ve packed our day full of other things we love.

I always love traveling to a new place because that means opportunities to try new restaurants and local hot-spots. Going to eat in downtown Chicago leaves you with plenty of options for food that varies by your location. Lincoln Park has a lot of hip cafes and killer brunch spots while eating in River North offers […]