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Weekend Recap 25

This weekend was just too good to list things out like I normally do. I wanted to give some room to babble on about our families and the holidays. We were fortunate enough to celebrate Christmas with both of our families. Without too much planning, it really fell into place perfectly. Dillon’s family had planned […]

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Cara Dillon

My sweet sister Cara volunteered (ok, I volun-told her) to be my guinea pig as I practiced some lifestyle photography.  She is beautiful and her room has the most incredible natural light, so I just had to snap a few the last time I was home. The gal pictured here is one of the strongest […]

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Wren’s Farewell

I’ve known that my sister Catherine was moving to Arizona for a while now.  (Cara and I planned a tour of Orland and took Cath to some iconic places, pictured above! )At first, I thought sure I would miss her, but she was off to do her own thing. After all, I had done just […]

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