Days at home with a very busy toddler can sometimes be overwhelming. The lingering winter makes outdoor adventures few and far between. We’re patiently waiting for spring to really be here, so in the meantime we’ve resorted to sensory bins with cheerios and clothespin playing. Thankfully, Nora is happy to be doing just about anything! […]

We’re feeling that springtime excitement and anticipation. Nice days are more and more frequent. Spring cleaning’s in full swing. House projects are being checked off. Plants are growing….and so is our family! It feels like since we’ve found out about our newest bundle, Nora just seems so much older. She is talking all the time […]

The long days of winter lend themselves to a sense of habit and flow. We settle into our comfortable routines that bring a bit of joy to the otherwise hum drum days of bitter cold and brutal snow. Morning coffees. Weekend sourdough. Movies. Daily chores. And rest, lots and lots of rest. It’s those little […]

These last couple of weeks we have really been getting in to the holiday swing of things. And it’s been a nice mix of quiet nights with movies playing and busy activities with family and friends. On the bucket list for this year: a trip to the zoo lights, Christmas cookie baking, and salt dough […]

Over the past handful of years, we’ve refined much of our holiday decorations down to just a couple of storage bins. Somewhere along the line “Christmas minimalism”, as I’ve dubbed it, came to fruition. This season, so packed full of traditions, music, meals, decorations, presents, etc, can easily start to feel really heavy and cumbersome […]

The days leading up to a holiday are sometimes just as busy as the holiday themselves between planning, prepping, baking and cooking and the regular day to day rhythms. Thanksgiving week can sometimes feel like a marathon. So as November begins to come to a close, we’re finally taking a deep breath and sigh of […]

Sweet November has rolled around, very quickly I might add. October was a busy one for us, but definitely in the best way. So much time spent with family and friends After Halloween, I love to lean into that wholesome autumn warmth. We keep the pumpkins out, dream up some apple pie designs, and prepare […]

Before I really let myself get into Halloween decorating, I like to first try to just add some touches of fall. Sweet little pumpkins around the house do the trick. Nora helped me pick out a few out at the store, they’re just the perfect little size for her hands! So, we placed them throughout […]