For the first weekend in what’s felt like a long while, we didn’t have much of any plans or major projects on our docket. We cozied up extra long in bed in the mornings and enjoyed the quiet. Took a long walk around our neighborhood day dreaming about what flowers we’d like to plant this […]

We got a delicious little taste of spring last week. Windows were opened and many walks were taken. But in true midwest fashion, it’s slated to cool off again. We’ll take what we can get and be grateful at least we aren’t shoveling any snow these days. With warm weather on the horizon, we’ve been […]

Working on this little room during my pregnancy brought so much joy. We didn’t know exactly who would be moving in, but we knew they’d be loved big time and have the sweetest spot in the house. Space is limited in here so we snagged the essentials for our little bug, and it turned out […]