We wasted no time at all throwing ourselves into another house project: rewiring our entire house. A couple of months ago, we were working on the entryway. We wanted to add sconces to the wall so we started to take a look at how and where we could connect the wiring. After popping of the […]

January really is just an illusion for a fresh start, but I’ve certainly bought in. I always feel so refreshed and excited to begin the new year. But, there’s also a little healthy pressure to do better, be a bit more successful and hit the ground running with productivity. Assuming we can all give ourselves […]

Mid November and we’ve finally reached some consistently cold days. I’d say that’s a pretty good fall! We all actually got to enjoy a number of comfortable weeks which was so lovely, but that familiar chill in the air just feels so good. Thanksgiving is around the corner and Christmas will quickly follow. This year […]

Life’s been so beautifully full and busy since going from one to two. I know everyone’s experiences are different, but so far this change has been the hardest. All of our routines and rhythms have been turned upside down and our priorities have really shifted especially with how we spend our days. Playtime is paramount. […]

Catching up on some much needed photo dumps. First up: the house. It is slowly coming along and feeling so settled. Next on the list for smaller projects: updating the lighting and our flush mounts and fixtures! We’re also excited to keep finishing the basement this fall to maybe even get Dillon working down in […]

These sweet summer days are so full. Sunshine and late bedtimes. Lots of ice cream. Playing outside with our littlest cousin friends. And soaking up all the outdoor activities the season has to offer us. Our house finally feels settled, so free time is a bit more ample these days. But of course, that leaves […]

A little photo series on how we went from 37 1/2 weeks pregnant to a family of four within just a handful of hours. Grateful for a healthy delivery, albeit very unexpected (Braxton Hicks that turned into labor at 2am, and ultimately a quick turnaround for our c-section later that morning) It’s been a whirlwind […]

We’re just a few weeks out from bringing home our tiniest little addition to our family. We’re settling into some habits at the house finally, while still checking things off here and there. We are kept very busy these days between Nora and the house, but all it well. I finally had some time to […]

We’re really rocking the one nap schedule and routine these days. First half of the day we do errands, clean the house, and take care of other chores. Then nap time and just a bit of rest for me. In the afternoons, we try to fill with activities – swimming, visits with family, new games […]