For the first weekend in what’s felt like a long while, we didn’t have much of any plans or major projects on our docket. We cozied up extra long in bed in the mornings and enjoyed the quiet. Took a long walk around our neighborhood day dreaming about what flowers we’d like to plant this […]

We got a delicious little taste of spring last week. Windows were opened and many walks were taken. But in true midwest fashion, it’s slated to cool off again. We’ll take what we can get and be grateful at least we aren’t shoveling any snow these days. With warm weather on the horizon, we’ve been […]

I used to live by schedules and locked in routines, something that worked really well for me as a teacher with a more typical work life. But now as a stay at home mom to an infant, I’ve learned that tight schedules just don’t align with where we are at in life. Instead, we’ve fallen […]

I’ve found myself picking up my phone a little less, and grabbing the big camera a little more. I’m finding more depth with my love and learning of photography and can’t wait to continue to share some galleries here. Capturing Nora on camera though has grown increasingly more difficult because she is such a wiggle […]

You can’t go wrong with a simple “Gather” garland for Thanksgiving! Simply, download the banner below, cut, and string up in your home! I’ve been seeing a handful of these decorative mini flags lately. I think they are the sweetest! They make for the easiest DIY. All you have to do is cut out the […]

As I’m becoming more comfortable behind the camera, I’ve been thinking a lot about creative purpose. Like, what story am I telling with an image? Ultimately, like most creations, they’re meant to make you feel something. I’ve always been inspired by colors, and neutrals just really feel aligned with who I am. With my recent […]

Another year gone and it’s about that time we look back and reflect on everything that happened in 2018. For us, it was mostly business as usual. Work kept us pretty busy to start the year with a couple of project go-lives. Summer brought on an incredible trip to Maui, a trip to Maine and […]

This summer has been amazing – the early sunrises and the late nights. We traveled quite a bit during our summer months, but that’s not to say we didn’t enjoy some needed rest. I adopted this notion of slow living for this summer. Less “stuff”, more experiences and more moments with family and friends. During […]

We’ve been dying to post these pictures from our trip to Vegas earlier this summer! The thing about film photography though is the patience needed for getting it developed. Finally though, they’re here! Shot on: Canon Snappy LXII We were in Vegas for Dillon’s brother’s twenty-first birthday. Las Vegas is amazing. It’s alive 24/7. There […]