A number of weeks ago, Dillon helped me get my bridesmaid proposal boxes in order. With Pinterest on my side, I wasn’t short of ideas.  D and I love creating things. DIY projects, photos, videos, dinners, our save the dates, you name it!  So having his visual brain helped big time as I put the boxes […]

Been working hard to say yes to the dress these past few months.  Sometimes it is overwhelming to try on dress after dress, but I’ll tell ya, those stylists sure make me feel like a million bucks.  I had a fantastic stylist at Nordstrom who really made me feel comfortable and confident in all of […]

Dillon moved into 222 almost a year ago.  Within that week he landed an incredible job, bought a car, and signed a lease on an apartment.  Impressive.  We knew I would be moving in come 2016.  What we didn’t plan for, was our move into a new apartment before this summer.  Between timing, location, price, […]

Our final day in Portland.  How bittersweet.  We had some fun things to look forward to, but ultimately we knew we were headed home that day.  There is always a small sense of relief when you get to go home from a trip, but I could have stayed quite a few more days.  There was […]

Things were just meant to be when we started planning our trip back out west.  With free airline miles, hotel points, and rental car credit, this trip was an easy one to get on the books.  We knew we wanted to go someplace new, so we decided on Portland, Oregon.  The plan for the trip? […]

This Easter weekend was such a productive time spent back in Illinois.  I drove home Thursday and was non stop until my drive back to Madison with D on Sunday evening.  It has been a while since I have been that busy, but I will say it was worth it.  Lots of fun things happened, and […]

We took a walk around on a Saturday afternoon and just enjoyed the city as it was in all its cloudy glory.  It wasn’t particularly warm, but for Wisconsin, it was a lovely day. It is officially spring.  The earth is perking up.  I so look forward to fresh blooms and sunshine and brunch outside around […]