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Travel Thoughts

Don’t get me wrong, I love traveling.  I just hate the getting there part.  The whole flying thing, meh.  Somewhere in my twenties I developed a fear of it.  But dangit, we can’t drive everywhere. So, I think I wanted to write this to help psych myself up for our upcoming trip.  Here are some […]

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The Motel

I’ve been driving the same highway just about everyday for the past two years and always had my eye on this place. The big neon sign and retro vibes pulled me in just strong enough to make me forget how creepy the place really is. The King’s Inn is one of a handful of motels […]

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Rain Walks

May in Wisconsin means potential for colder days.  We embraced the chill and ventured out into the cloudiness recently.  We spent some time at Picnic Point and had the place almost to ourselves- only a handful of people out on a day like that.  The rain let up a bit, but the fog lingered across the […]

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Sunset Shots

D and I were downtown for Madison’s first annual night market. Taco trucks, boutique vendors, and live music all night long. We were so down. (But really, you had us at tacos) Usually I’m up on the Madtown happenings, but I actually had no idea about this one.  Thank goodness for Madison instagrammers that filled […]

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DIY Embroidered Jeans

I remember my mom making me wear embroidered jeans way back when- but I’ll tell you that I am really digging them now.  I will 100% hop on the trend trains if I love them.  Overalls? I tried. The cold shoulder sleeve? I just can’t pull it off. But, embroidery? Count me in. I snagged a […]

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Farmers’ Market Return

Easily one of my favorite parts about living in Madison- the farmers’ market. Finally, it has made its triumphant return for the 2017 season.  Bring on the flowers, cheese curds, fresh veggies, and sourdough baguettes! I finally purchased these flowers that I’ve had my eye on.  They are these beautiful dried flowers with some bold […]

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Travel Planning

We bought our Europe tickets almost 7 months before our trip.  That was really our only solid, well-thought-out planning done for this adventure.  The rest was crammed in a couple hours, just 2 weeks before the trip 🙂 Honestly though, once the plane tickets are purchased the rest just falls into place.  We decided our […]

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Apartment Living

We moved into our new apartment almost 3 months ago.  Finally, things are starting to settle into place.  It always felt like home, but now it really looks like it.  With some final home decor pieces, an accent wall painted, and all the throw pillows you could dream of- I might be able to say […]

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DIY Eucalyptus Hoop

During my many hours of wedding Pinterest planning, I always saw embroidery hoops being used as ceremony backdrops.  They often had full floral arrangements and were absolutely stunning. I decided to take that idea and attempt a little DIY for our wall above our couch. We’ve got photos, prints, and mirrors elsewhere in the apartment, […]

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Dream Chasing and Heart Moving

At one of the many happy hours we attended on our honeymoon, Dillon and I found ourselves talking big picture creative goals. Our chat over margaritas in Arizona was basically coming to the realization that what moves our hearts deserves our time and effort.  This phrase “heart moving” has become my mantra for 2017 in […]

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