I’ve yet again been suckered into another H&M purchase (go ahead, ask me how Nora’s minimal capsule wardrobe is coming…. ) In my defense, I really haven’t purchased any new clothes at all for myself. So while I’m certainly leaning into minimalism, Nora on the other hand is enjoying a few late night impulse buys. […]

Eagerly, I set out my wooden clogs and tucked away my big snow boots. Hung linen shirts and folded up cozy knit sweaters. Our closets have officially turned over from fall and winter to spring and summer. There is something so truly refreshing about that twice a year ritual. You’re left with reflections of the […]

I’ve found myself picking up my phone a little less, and grabbing the big camera a little more. I’m finding more depth with my love and learning of photography and can’t wait to continue to share some galleries here. Capturing Nora on camera though has grown increasingly more difficult because she is such a wiggle […]

I’m finally and very gratefully back into the habit of reading before bed. I read a lot during pregnancy, but since Nora was born it was hard to land on a rhythm that allowed for some decent book time at night. Now that her bed time is pretty consistent (her actual sleep is a different […]

It’s been just about a month now since our little Nora bean joined us earth side! I still can’t believe she is here with us. She’s heaven sent, and it’s our greatest honor to love her. After years of battling infertility, we found out in early February that we were expecting. The journey to get […]

Well it was yet another midwest Easter that was all too cold for my liking. But we bundled up and ventured all around the burbs to see the people we love. We drove in Friday, had a relaxing dinner in Logan Square (Reno, you so good), and then packed our weekend full of family and […]

Among a number of different things that made this weekend so great, I made another trip around the sun!  Twenty-five, a quarter century.  Here’s our weekend review, birthday style! Bel Air Cantina–  The heavens opened and graced Madison with my all time, favorite Milwaukee restaurant.  Some of the best tacos around.  And, you cannot beat […]

 “Oh darling, let’s be homebodies.” – Jenna Kutcher. While I love adventures around our city, there is just something I love about staying at home.  Most Friday nights, you’ll catch us chatting about our week over margs, eating tacos on the back patio, and catching some early z’s.  For a while, I felt bad about […]