I may very well post these again separately, but I wanted them all in one place for now! So beyond obsessed with our engagement session that our good friend shot for us.  Thank you so much Mark!  He is incredibly talented and we were so lucky to have had him lend his expertise for us. We […]

Dillon and I were so blessed by our first shower.  My Mom put together one of the most spectacular little events!  I felt so surrounded by love and blessed to know such wonderful people.  It was so fitting that the theme for the day was Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice, one of my favorite books. […]

Shamelessly, I LOVE Pinterest.  Long drive- Pinterest.  Waiting for a flight- Pinterest.  Lunch break- Pinterest.   My affection for the endless pinning stems from both the prospect of new projects/ inspiration and just darn good photos.  Call me crazy, but there is something so calming about scrolling through those gorgeous pictures. Not so shamelessly, I […]

Another weekend rolled around and we found ourselves back in Chicago.  Now, our returns are quite full with appointments, plans, and events.  This weekend, we had a high school reunion, engagement photos (about time!), and wedding DIY’s.  I have a feeling that every time we are home from now until the wedding is just going […]

To be completely honest, I am absolutely terrible at cooking meals for myself during the week.  When it comes to my school week, protein bars, pretzels and pasta are must have’s.  On the weekends though, I maximize my time with Chef Dillon.  We plan meals and prep together.  Lucky for me, D was home this […]

Last Sunday, Dillon and I found ourselves driving around after some errands.  We had the DJI and DSLR and weren’t quite ready to head back for the day.  On a whim, I looked up how far away we were from the Pope Farm Conservancy.  Our friend, Dan, mentioned that he had been there not long ago […]

There are a number of things I love about my summer job as a nanny. Perhaps it is the daily adventures, or spending time outside, or just laughing with the kiddos. I’ve nannied for the past seven summers or so.  While the weather is so nice, I try to spend most of our days outside […]

We are almost 6 months out from the wedding!  Meaning we are getting pretty close to crunch time.  Save the dates will be going out shortly, and soon we will be prepping our wedding suites to send out.  Not to mention the 12,875,239 other details that need to be taken care of by December!  But, […]

D and I are all about home projects.  We are endlessly pinning ideas, and trying new things.  So I wanted to try a project to recycle some pieces and reflect our changing styles without breaking the bank. Lately, I have been digging the neutrals.  Browns, blacks, greens, whites, etc.  Earthy tones. I think this is […]