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One Year Married

December 31, 2016. Every single detail is forever in my heart. The early morning silence when I woke up that day, the deep breaths I took before the church doors opened, the smell of the flowers, the way the clouds hung perfectly, the Guinness at the pub, the hundreds of candles, the faces of all […]

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Six Months Married

It’s been about six months since our greatest day. Six months since our vows to love each other till death do us part. Six months since we danced with our closest friends and family.  And six months since we embarked on the most fulfilling adventure of our lives. So, how’s it been? In a nutshell- […]

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Dream Chasing and Heart Moving

At one of the many happy hours we attended on our honeymoon, Dillon and I found ourselves talking big picture creative goals. Our chat over margaritas in Arizona was basically coming to the realization that what moves our hearts deserves our time and effort.  This phrase “heart moving” has become my mantra for 2017 in […]

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LiveSideMedia FTW

I cannot, for a second, believe that these beautiful photos are ours for the keeping. Our photographer, Mike Williams, executed one the most important aspects of our wedding…the images speak for themselves. As I’ve said before, photos were a top priority; they’re one of our love languages.  For the best day of our lives, we wanted […]

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Dirty Dresses and Day Old Hair

By far, one of our best decisions was taking day after pictures.  We knew with a December wedding, we would be racing the sun to capture outdoor pictures in the daylight, especially without the luxury of a first look (I went old school with this one!  Didn’t see Dill until I walked down the aisle!) […]

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Wedding Flowers

Let me start this post by saying- florals are expensive. Okay, we knew this going in. But yes, if you want fresh flowers at your wedding, be prepared to put down a nice chunk of change.  With that said, get your money’s worth! Make sure your florist delivers, literally and figuratively, and absolutely nails your […]

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Embrace the Gap

Before the wedding, I read so many wedding articles and blogs about the dreaded gap.  That time between the ceremony and reception. Today, most people advise against having a long gap.  I totally get it.  As a guest, it is tough to have down time in between.  Do I wear the same outfit? Do I […]

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The Little Things

Planning big ticket items like venues and transportation all seem to be super easy to book and plan- call it in, reserve the date, bada bing.  The nitty gritty wedding planning comes down to details.  It is all those little things that drive you crazy. But, they are so dang essential.  We had so many […]

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Wedding Dress Dreams

April of last year, I said yes to my dream dress.  I couldn’t wait to wear it, and gush all about it in a blog post! First off, let me start by saying that if you consider yourself a bride that is boho, vintage inspired, chic, classy, ethereal, and romantic, then BHLDN is the place to […]

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Wedding Hacks

Yeah, yeah, yeah. I know there are endless blog posts and pins all about wedding hacks, but I felt like we owed it to ourselves to write down the things that made the process easier.  No wedding planner, no coordinator.  We survived and we were able to actually enjoy our day- it’s possible! Here are […]

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