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Cara Dillon

My sweet sister Cara volunteered (ok, I volun-told her) to be my guinea pig as I practiced some lifestyle photography.  She is beautiful and her room has the most incredible natural light, so I just had to snap a few the last time I was home. The gal pictured here is one of the strongest […]

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Weekend Recap 02

Happy Monday, friends.  We had a crazy busy week into the weekend this time around. Most of the week we were in the city and then back home for a quick camping trip.  It was a great weekend, and here’s what we loved: Tacos- I mean this could easily make the list every week, but […]

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Lake Living

Some of our favorite summer memories together come from our time spent at our best friend Kevin’s family lake home in Michigan. Since the summer Dill and I started dating we would spend time with our friends there each year.  So, it’s become a summer tradition, and this year was no different.  We packed up […]

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Weekend Recap 01

Most weekends we are on the go shuffling between our plans.  We decided to lay low and enjoy the warm weather at home this weekend before we head to Chicago. Here are some things we’ve been loving! Lucille – might be one of my favorite  restaurants in Madison. We took my friend here on Friday, and […]

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Six Months Married

It’s been about six months since our greatest day. Six months since our vows to love each other till death do us part. Six months since we danced with our closest friends and family.  And six months since we embarked on the most fulfilling adventure of our lives. So, how’s it been? In a nutshell- […]

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Fourth of July

Trying my hand at the bandana look…still deciding.  The overalls, though, big fan.  I love em.  As for Dill’s taco hat….MY NEW FAV.My very own Bobby Flay.  Rockin’ jorts and grilling on our itty bitty patio grill. (For reals, Dillon is an incredible cook, but I can do those dishes like a boss.) I laughed […]

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Summit Players

This isn’t your 9th grade english class Shakespeare.  This is laugh-till-you-cry, clap- cause-you’re-happy Will.I.Am Shakespeare. If you live remotely near Wisconsin- go see the Summit Players.  They have partnered with the state parks in WI to bring free Shakespeare to children and families, coupling shows with a workshop intended to bring Shakespeare to life. My […]

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Wren’s Farewell

I’ve known that my sister Catherine was moving to Arizona for a while now.  (Cara and I planned a tour of Orland and took Cath to some iconic places, pictured above! )At first, I thought sure I would miss her, but she was off to do her own thing. After all, I had done just […]

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On a trip back to Madison, Dillon and I drove right into a pretty nasty storm.  We were safe, fortunately.  But as the sky grew darker and the thunder rolled, it made me feel such anticipation. Ever since I was little, my Dad and my sisters and I would watch weather reports on TV in […]

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