We decided to pack the car up and head out on the first camping trip of the season this weekend. We both sensed a need to get out and away and take a minute to reset. It was a beautiful weekend at one of our favorite, close-to-home state parks. Without fail, every single trip brings […]

Kell and I had been dying to put all of our new camping gear to use and what better way to do it than during a long holiday weekend. Leaving bright and early Saturday did just the trick to help us secure a spot. Getting in early turned out to be great as it allowed us to […]

Every year since I was about four or five my Dad has taken me on camping trips.  It all started with our neighbors and dear friends who invited us years ago.  We were hooked. We usually take at least two a year. A fall trip and a summer trip.  Since being away for school and now […]