This weekend was a good one in the windy city.  With Dill’s work schedule, we ended up spending our weekend in Chicago. These weekends are always some of my favorite.  Here’s a little look: Chocolate Shakes- Never underestimate the power of a good shake. Ever since I was little, chocolate shakes were our bad day […]

I may very well post these again separately, but I wanted them all in one place for now! So beyond obsessed with our engagement session that our good friend shot for us.  Thank you so much Mark!  He is incredibly talented and we were so lucky to have had him lend his expertise for us. We […]

Dillon and I were so blessed by our first shower.  My Mom put together one of the most spectacular little events!  I felt so surrounded by love and blessed to know such wonderful people.  It was so fitting that the theme for the day was Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice, one of my favorite books. […]

Since being engaged and planning a wedding back home in Illinois, it feels like we are weekend commuters.  So many Fridays, D and I roll out of Madison and into Chicago late at night and make the return Sunday.  Most of those trips are spent in the suburbs, which don’t get us wrong, we love. […]

Just a short couple weeks ago D and I were back home in Chicago.  Father’s Day rolled around and we found ourselves heading back home.  As much as the struggle of driving there and back so frequently is insanely grueling, summer nights with family and friends makes it that much easier. The night was perfect. […]