Our plane touched down Christmas Eve to a snowy Salt Lake City- our winter adventure had begun. But before all that excitement, we had a couple of days at home in Madison. On Friday, we spent some time at our friends’ house.  They put together a beautiful dinner.  Made me want to host more, especially […]

There is absolutely nothing groundbreaking about this list.  These movies are likely on many people’s lists.  But hey, I’ve just given you a great excuse to cuddle up with some hot cocoa and freshly baked chocolate chip cookies to watch these ultimate Christmas movies! Going My Way (My Irish Catholic upbringing has made this my […]

  If you’ve been exploring Instagram or Pinterest lately, you may have seen these handmade orange garland strands popping up.  This garland is perfect because it adds a sense of holiday flare without the bright red and greens from big box stores.   The tradition of stringing garland during the holidays is actually an old […]

The past week was spent getting our holly jolly selves in the holiday spirit. We walked around the tree farm searching for the right one, snapped a card photo (stay tuned), and pulled out all the little apartment decorations. With records playing we decorated our first tree together. We cut our own at Jensen Trees. […]