If you’ve been exploring Instagram or Pinterest lately, you may have seen these handmade orange garland strands popping up.  This garland is perfect because it adds a sense of holiday flare without the bright red and greens from big box stores.   The tradition of stringing garland during the holidays is actually an old […]

Gosh darn it, I can’t stay away from a good craft.  Summer means extra time on my hands, and I stay busy with as many little home and classroom projects as I can.  Here is my latest little DIY roundup: Boho hanging triangles- Hot glued 3 little wooden dowels together and finished it off with […]

Who in the world doesn’t love a good succulent? We’ve had our hands on some for a while now, just looking for the right vessel to plant them in.  We decided some simple, minimal cement planters would be perfect. We mixed up some cement and used two little tubs (one was smaller to fit inside […]

I remember my mom making me wear embroidered jeans way back when- but I’ll tell you that I am really digging them now.  I will 100% hop on the trend trains if I love them.  Overalls? I tried. The cold shoulder sleeve? I just can’t pull it off. But, embroidery? Count me in. I snagged a […]

During my many hours of wedding Pinterest planning, I always saw embroidery hoops being used as ceremony backdrops.  They often had full floral arrangements and were absolutely stunning. I decided to take that idea and attempt a little DIY for our wall above our couch. We’ve got photos, prints, and mirrors elsewhere in the apartment, […]

D and I are all about home projects.  We are endlessly pinning ideas, and trying new things.  So I wanted to try a project to recycle some pieces and reflect our changing styles without breaking the bank. Lately, I have been digging the neutrals.  Browns, blacks, greens, whites, etc.  Earthy tones. I think this is […]