Dare I say it’s starting to warm up?  I’m not getting too excited, let’s be real it’s only February. But a thirty degree day sure beats those negatives.  We found ourselves running some errands and hanging out this weekend. Strictly Discs– Dill’s been eying this place for a while, ever since we got the record […]

As I write this, I am staring out the window at a fresh blanket of snow. It’s just so beautiful (it’s even prettier when it gives me a snow day/ day off work). The groundhog says we’ve got six more weeks of winter, so I think I’d better embrace what’s left of this amazing season. […]

Every year since I was about four or five my Dad has taken me on camping trips.  It all started with our neighbors and dear friends who invited us years ago.  We were hooked. We usually take at least two a year. A fall trip and a summer trip.  Since being away for school and now […]

Since being engaged and planning a wedding back home in Illinois, it feels like we are weekend commuters.  So many Fridays, D and I roll out of Madison and into Chicago late at night and make the return Sunday.  Most of those trips are spent in the suburbs, which don’t get us wrong, we love. […]

Just a short couple weeks ago D and I were back home in Chicago.  Father’s Day rolled around and we found ourselves heading back home.  As much as the struggle of driving there and back so frequently is insanely grueling, summer nights with family and friends makes it that much easier. The night was perfect. […]

This past weekend, both of our parents came up for the day!  The weather actually panned out for us, and we spent much of our day outside.  Since we are so close to the Dane County Farmers’ Market, we decided to walk around there.  As it is the beginning of June, it was the kick […]

Lucille opened up just over a week ago here in Madison.  The location is perfect.  Right off the square, and walking distance from our apartment.  This kind of place is totally our vibe.  Farm tables, funky booths and chairs, killer light fixtures, live music, and great food.  The windows and doors open up on both […]

The sun made its way out this weekend.  After a day trip to Chicago on Saturday, we were ready to enjoy the weather.  Sunday was spent cleaning up, doing some projects and spending time outside.  Colectivo was just the ticket for a midday snack.  Finally, a place to satisfy my ballpark pretzel cravings. Blue skies […]

A number of weeks ago, Dillon helped me get my bridesmaid proposal boxes in order. With Pinterest on my side, I wasn’t short of ideas.  D and I love creating things. DIY projects, photos, videos, dinners, our save the dates, you name it!  So having his visual brain helped big time as I put the boxes […]