I went into this weekend just on the fence of being sick and managed to keep it off for the most part.  So we took some time to take care of ourselves and enjoy the snow days we had together. Super Bowl- I may not have been really rooting for either team, but that didn’t […]

Fortunate enough for us, D and I were able to take a few days after our wedding to relax in sunny Arizona.  Although, while we were there, it was chilly AZ.  Cloudy skies and upper 50’s…but, we were happy with it. It is crazy how literally over night your months of planning are complete.  You […]

Lately, I’ve been wearing neutrals.  Muted blues, grays, creams, rose, etc.  I think I am in transition with my style, but trying to be practical with all of my purchases.  I more often wear neutrals than crazy bright colors, so am I really trying to streamline my shopping.  H&M and Target are absolute go to’s […]