How many times have you heard this word in the last year or so? It seems like world is finally realizing how important it is to put your own health and happiness first sometimes. It’s like when you are on a plane and the flight attendants remind you to secure your own oxygen mask before […]

Oh this weekend brought us joy. We spent time with friends and enjoyed the beautiful weather. But for a number of different reasons, I am needing some family time. So we’ll probably be heading back in the coming few days, for now though, here’s a look at our weekend: Into the Water– My current read, […]

Our spirits were lifted this weekend. The sun was out and Madison is finally coming out of hibernation. Seriously, it makes me so happy to see all the restaurants with their outdoor furniture again. The little things, people.  Here’s a look at our weekend: Record Store Day- Ever since D got his turntable, we’ve been […]

If I am really honest, sometimes I just want spring to hurry the heck up so summer can get here. Midwest springs already get a bad rap for their chilly beginnings, and it doesn’t help that it’s the last season of the school year. But I really want to be intentional this year, and make […]

As I write this, I am grumbling a bit at the snow that’s falling.  It’s mid April, and goodness the snow is piling on. But that’s the midwest for ya, always keeping it exciting! Here’s this weekend: Wren’s Nest– My sister Catherine was in this weekend with her soon to be hubs. It’s been a […]

Posting this recap pretty late. Just feels like this week is happening faster than I can keep up with. We packed the weekend full, which only added to the craziness of another work week.  Here’s what we were up to: Wedding- We got to shoot my brother-in-law’s wife’s sister’s wedding. Not only was the day […]

Well it was yet another midwest Easter that was all too cold for my liking. But we bundled up and ventured all around the burbs to see the people we love. We drove in Friday, had a relaxing dinner in Logan Square (Reno, you so good), and then packed our weekend full of family and […]

I kicked off my school year spring break with a trip back home to Illinois with D.  We saw both of our families. Dillon shot a wedding, and took off Monday so this weekend was extra long together. A good one to kick off the week before driving right back again for Easter later this […]

I love to travel. Road trip, camping, flight across the pond, you name it. But goodness, there is nothing like being home. We’ve been really busy this last year  (Amsterdam, Paris, Arizona, East coast, camping trips, and Utah) and have some big trips lined up in the next months. So, the decision to staycation this […]

When I am at school, I am so on it  Always super early mornings and some late nights grading and prepping lessons. I’ve got my workday down, but when I get home, that stamina peters out.  I can’t seem to find that creative productivity to get other work done when I need to. When the […]