I kicked off my school year spring break with a trip back home to Illinois with D.  We saw both of our families. Dillon shot a wedding, and took off Monday so this weekend was extra long together. A good one to kick off the week before driving right back again for Easter later this […]

This weekend was full of St. Patrick’s Day celebrations and so much basketball. The NCAA tournament is my favorite, so we had games on for the better part of our days. Beyond that was some much needed relaxing. Figured we’d switch it up though and make a little short from our Sunday morning featuring a […]

My gal pals were in town this weekend, and the best Instagram hubs in the world happily snapped our pictures (thanks Dill, you’re the real MVP). So D and I were kept pretty busy this weekend with some much needed catching up and the usual to-do’s: Tribe-Eternally grateful to have found these beautifully inspiring women […]

We are so on the go we can barely keep it together on the weekends. Usually we’re tackling all those life to-do’s (oil changes, home improvement projects, you get it). Dillon is the most productive person you’ll meet, so you know our Saturdays/Sundays are packed pretty full. We actually need to intentionally set time aside […]

We swung into Chicago for a hot second this weekend. Felt so fast though. As soon as I got in the city, I was getting ready to head back to Wisconsin. But busy days are always good. Here’s our weekend: Calligraphy- So much of my time spent on Pinterest is browsing calligraphy and fonts. I’ve […]

Dare I say it’s starting to warm up?  I’m not getting too excited, let’s be real it’s only February. But a thirty degree day sure beats those negatives.  We found ourselves running some errands and hanging out this weekend. Strictly Discs– Dill’s been eying this place for a while, ever since we got the record […]

This recap is short and sweet because it was mostly soccer. Hey, no complaints, because I love it. (Just don’t ask me to play!) Here’s what we were up to: Soccer-Dill’s in a men’s league in Madison and played in a tournament this weekend.  It was crazy – seven quick games in two days. I […]

Our snowiest weekend yet!  It kicked off with a snow day for me, making for an extra long and extra lovely few days. Notebooking -That may not officially be a verb in the dictionary, but it sure is an art form. This has been one of my favorite things I grew into in my mid-twenties. I never […]

I went into this weekend just on the fence of being sick and managed to keep it off for the most part.  So we took some time to take care of ourselves and enjoy the snow days we had together. Super Bowl- I may not have been really rooting for either team, but that didn’t […]

This weekend was a good one in the windy city.  With Dill’s work schedule, we ended up spending our weekend in Chicago. These weekends are always some of my favorite.  Here’s a little look: Chocolate Shakes- Never underestimate the power of a good shake. Ever since I was little, chocolate shakes were our bad day […]