Between vacation planning and a week off, we’ve been wildly busy but feeling rested. Here’s a quick recap: Podcasts- Loving all the podcasts lately. Reviewed some of our favorites here. I tend to switch around now and then with what  I’m listening to. So, I like having a bunch of different options. The Stockplace– Got […]

With a big trip coming up, we wanted to get back and be with our families for a bit. So we drove back early Saturday morning for a quick weekend back in Chicago. Here’s what our weekend looked like: Maggie and Josh- Dill finished this wedding video a bit ago, and we put it together […]

These weeks are flying by. Right when I get down to the wire, I can see the end of the year in the distance, I scramble trying to tie up lose ends all while ending on a good note. It’s been a busy one, and I am so looking forward to some quiet time. But […]

Goodness, these last few weeks have been crazy. Between work trips, end of year busyness, and treks back to Chicago, it’s been quite the whirlwind. Here are some things that have kept us afloat amidst it all: The Living Person- This makes my heart happy. Jurell from The Living Person reached out to me to […]

While I usually like to share some links and suggestions for weekend activities, this one is going to be a bit different. Because at the end of the day, things happen that align your priorities and warrant something else. On Friday, Dillon and I made the easy call to rush home and be with family […]

Oh this weekend brought us joy. We spent time with friends and enjoyed the beautiful weather. But for a number of different reasons, I am needing some family time. So we’ll probably be heading back in the coming few days, for now though, here’s a look at our weekend: Into the Water– My current read, […]

Our spirits were lifted this weekend. The sun was out and Madison is finally coming out of hibernation. Seriously, it makes me so happy to see all the restaurants with their outdoor furniture again. The little things, people.  Here’s a look at our weekend: Record Store Day- Ever since D got his turntable, we’ve been […]

As I write this, I am grumbling a bit at the snow that’s falling.  It’s mid April, and goodness the snow is piling on. But that’s the midwest for ya, always keeping it exciting! Here’s this weekend: Wren’s Nest– My sister Catherine was in this weekend with her soon to be hubs. It’s been a […]

Posting this recap pretty late. Just feels like this week is happening faster than I can keep up with. We packed the weekend full, which only added to the craziness of another work week.  Here’s what we were up to: Wedding- We got to shoot my brother-in-law’s wife’s sister’s wedding. Not only was the day […]

Well it was yet another midwest Easter that was all too cold for my liking. But we bundled up and ventured all around the burbs to see the people we love. We drove in Friday, had a relaxing dinner in Logan Square (Reno, you so good), and then packed our weekend full of family and […]