It’s that point in the school year (the chunk of time between winter break and spring break) when the days just seem to move a tad slower.  The snow falls a little harder.  And the weekends seem a bit further off.  So, we planned some fun for this one to be spent with family and […]

Dillon came back from from a work trip just in time for a cold Madison weekend.  We’ve been staying put for a while lately and loving it.  There is just something about being in your own home in the dead of winter enjoying the short days and long nights.  Here’s what we were up to: […]

After a less than desirable start to the weekend on Friday morning (rear-ended in rush our traffic), I was determined to turn it around.  We don’t need anything fancy, just our favorite weekend activities: Engagement Photos- I was so excited to help Dill shoot some engagement photos for our sister-in-law’s sister.  We walked around the […]

This weekend was a big one!  Along with a few other things, we celebrated our first anniversary and welcomed 2018. A year of marriage-  This year went by so beautifully fast.  It was easily the best year of my life simply because it was spent married to my best friend.  I posted some thoughts and […]

Our plane touched down Christmas Eve to a snowy Salt Lake City- our winter adventure had begun. But before all that excitement, we had a couple of days at home in Madison. On Friday, we spent some time at our friends’ house.  They put together a beautiful dinner.  Made me want to host more, especially […]

This weekend was just too good to list things out like I normally do. I wanted to give some room to babble on about our families and the holidays. We were fortunate enough to celebrate Christmas with both of our families. Without too much planning, it really fell into place perfectly. Dillon’s family had planned […]

This was our last weekend at home before we travel for the holidays, so we relaxed for much of it.  As much as I love traveling, I think it’s immensely important to be intentional and grateful for our time at home together. Lights- On our way back from dinner one night we stopped at Madison’s […]

Dillon had to work, so my heart was missing a piece for much of the weekend.  It may not have been normal, but still enjoyed the break from the busy work week. Family- My parents came up Saturday afternoon for a little getaway and visit.  I love spending time with family, and it’s especially fun […]

Weekends should always have some extra days in them.  I had a three day break from school, and D had two days off of work.  Oddly, this break went by slow in the best way.  We spent time with family and friends, relaxed, and even had enough time in Madison together, too.  Very grateful for […]

With a busy week in Illinois coming up, we looked forward to a quiet couple days at home here in Madison.  The holidays are here, and my heart couldn’t be fuller. Madison Night Market– We’ve been to a handful of summer night markets, but they snuck one more in to kick off the holidays.  Vendors, […]